Chapter 03 . March 19, 2018

History - 1976 - 1980

Investments were going on in the Ponte Motta plant while Vainer Marchesini was taking his first approach of foreign markets offering his products to some French and German potential customers. After a slow start overcoming the customers’ initial doubts and prejudice, the company became a regular supplier to the most renowned European concrete plant manufacturers. The door opener was in many cases Marchesini’s new patented Vertical Screw Conveyor system which was about to become a bestseller for customers exporting to developing countries.

photo: first Vertical Screw Conveyor in a German KABAG Concrete Plant installed in Kuwait in 1977

Innovation - The Vertical Screw Conveyor System

The space-saving VE Vertical Screw Conveyor System, developed in the mid-1970s and patented in various countries, soon became a winner. In developing countries where cement came in bags rather than in bulk, every year Vertical Screw Conveyor systems were supplied by the hundreds to fill the silos of concrete batching plants with cement from bags.

The combination of a Horizontal Screw Feeder with a special patented tangential transition piece to a Vertical Screw Conveyor resulted in particularly high efficiency and, consequently, throughput rates that had seemed impossible before.

photo: 1977 Vertical Screw Conveyor Brochure by French Concrete Plant Manufacturer LAMBERT

Values - Customer

Putting the customer first has been a principle strictly followed by Vainer Marchesini since the beginning. As the main asset of a business intended to grow, in time WAMGROUP’s customers would become a valuable source in the process of creating products tailored for a certain application in a certain industrial sector. In this sense, the company sees it as its task to address a group of customers rather than a single customer with their specialised offer.

photo: A Government Official from Côte d'Ivoire visiting Ponte Motta in March 1975

Mission - Being Innovative

WAMGROUP intends to be innovative in the development, industrial manufacturing and distribution of market-oriented equipment through specialised distribution channels.

Throughout its history, the company has time and again continued to set itself new goals to consolidate its position in new areas of business.

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