Chapter 05 . April 16, 2018

History - 1984 - 1990

The founding of WAM France was followed in 1986 by the opening of trading subsidiaries in Germany, the UK and Singapore. Previously, in 1985, Marchesini had ventured across the Atlantic to Florida to assemble some of his products locally – a risky project and an expensive lesson to be learned. It would indeed take more than ten years before WAM could establish itself as an American manufacturer.

photo: First WAM location in Gainesville, Florida

Innovation - Jet Filters

For the first fifteen years, WAM offered the silo filter as an accessory along with its main product, the screw conveyor. That was going to change in 1985 with the launch of WAM’s first pulse jet-cleaned air jet cartridge filter, the FJS. Marchesini chose to invest in the development of a product that promised to provide high potential in a variety of applications. Like the screw conveyor, the silo venting filter first and later the dust collector in general for all kinds of industrial applications was to become another core product for WAM.

photo: Early WAM Silo Venting Jet Filter put on display at Monument Valley (Utah-Arizona border)

Values - Teamwork

No progress without teamwork. The pioneering spirit of the self-taught people of the early years eventually had to be replaced by the competence of a team of professionals. Perhaps the secret of the company's success was rather a symbiosis of pioneering spirit and teamwork, the cooperation between old and young, the preservation of the original company values.

photo: Team building event on Lake Garda

Mission - Cost Leadership

The WAMGROUP mission states “the highest possible quality product and service at the most competitive price”, a clear reference to the strategy of cost leadership. The company could only become cost leader by constantly producing more machines investing at the same time in industrial equipment.

To this date, the constant reinvestment of operating profits has allowed for a continuous improvement in the quality of WAMGROUP’s products.

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