Chapter 06 . April 27, 2018

History - 1990s: production offshoring / localisation

Selling overseas is one thing; overseas production is another, manufacturing in the U.S. as a first experience of this kind a particularly brave decision. WAM Inc. opened its Georgia Division in 1998 in a fast developing industrial estate in Lawrenceville near Atlanta, with large production and warehouse facilities. The Georgia plant has since established itself as one of America’s major screw conveyor and silo venting filter manufacturers adapting the WAM products perfectly to the requirements of the U.S. market.

photo: Gwinnett county car registration

Innovation - SINT® components

Marchesini's first tests with specialty polyurethane blends date back to 1990. A year later, he founded TECNO CM, which since then has been developing components made of SINT® polymer and other plastics for the products of WAMGROUP and manufacturing them in TECNO CM’s high-tech facility in Ponte Motta, Italy. The polymer technology enables design solutions at a fair price, which would hardly be possible with metallic materials.

photo: Pipe elbow made of SINT® engineering polymer

Values - People

No company without people.
People are the biggest asset of a company. Will it ever be possible to teach a machine ethical awareness or passion? It’s hard to believe. Vainer Marchesini has always been an example of strong ethics and pioneering spirit to his co-workers. His firm belief that you can achieve what you have set for your goal, provided you work hard on yourself and train your knowledge, is inevitably contagious. Common success is the reward.

photo: Colleagues from TOREX celebrating

Mission - Internationalisation

In today's world, companies need to think globally if they want to grow locally. Diversifying in products, applications, industrial sectors, and ways of distribution is a challenge that WAMGROUP has picked up early in its history. It soon became clear that desires and needs differ from one country to another, requiring specific products and solutions. Internationalisation is and remains therefore an integral part of WAMGROUP's Vision & Mission.

photo: Intercultural communication in WAMGROUP

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