Chapter 07 . May 14, 2018

Video - Work in Progress

History - 2000 becoming a "pocket-size" global player

At the turn of the millennium, Marchesini had already established manufacturing plants in China and Brazil in addition to the factory in the United States. For a medium-sized company from southern Europe, it was a risky venture to establish itself in China in the mid-1990s. Starting a business without a local partner was not possible at the time. On the other hand, finding the right partner was a big challenge. Success did not occur immediately, but would come only with time.

photo: First workshop of WAM Shanghai in 1999

Innovation - WETMIX

In 1998, the launch of the WETMIX mortar mixer rocked the market. This innovative machine was largely manufactured from SINT engineering polymer. This tack-free material gave the mixer unique self-cleaning properties never seen with any competitor’s product. Ever since its launch, WETMIX has been the benchmark in the industry setting a new trend on the world market.

photo: WETMIX® Mortar Mixer

Values - Integrity

The days after the 2012 earthquake in the Modenese lowlands, journalists from all over the country came to Ponte Motta to interview Marchesini. They all asked the same question: "What will you do now?" A question Marchesini had never asked himself. True to his moral principles, he began coordinating reconstruction the same day of the disaster.

photo: "No doubt I will continue"

Mission - Quality awareness

It takes diligence and motivation, commitment, reliability and conscientiousness to achieve quality. In order to be successful in the international markets on a long-term basis, a company must place the same value on quality that its customers expect from the products and the service provided by that company. WAMGROUP relies on global quality management certified by internationally recognized certifying bodies.

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