Chapter 08 . May 28, 2018

History - 2008-2009: Global crisis - China booming

Just in the year of the global financial crisis, the first construction phase of WAMGROUP's largest production plant outside Italy was inaugurated in Wuxi, China. The unprecedented economic boom in the world’s most populous country brought about production figures never reached so far. It was the time when the WAM brand became the epitome of cement screw conveyors and silo filters in the People’s Republic. Marchesini's integration strategy in the Far East had paid off despite simultaneous global depression.

photo: Vainer Marchesini inaugurating the WAM manufacturing plant in Wuxi, China in 2008

Innovation - DUSTFIX®, BA

Pollution from dust is a growing problem. Dust accumulates in various industries in many different ways – some of which are particularly damaging to the environment and harmful to health. With the development of the DUSTFIX – based on the manufacturing technology already used for WETMIX – WAMGROUP’s MAP Division set new standards at the beginning of the new millennium. As a self-cleaning dust conditioner with individually exchangeable mixing tools rotating on a central shaft and an easy-to-replace mixing chamber entirely made from polyurethane, the DUSTFIX has no competitors to this date.
About the same time, WAMGROUP's EXTRAC Division launched a completely new bin activator. The special features of this innovative device were its seamless steel cone and seamless double flange gasket made of special home-manufactured SINT engineering polymer material.

photo: EXTRAC® Bin Activator and DUSTFIX® Conditioner

Values - Passion

As a phenomenon that completely captures the mind, passion involves extreme emotions. Living purposefully can therefore be considered as a form of passion.
We would never have been able to achieve the goals we set ourselves with WAMGROUP if we lacked passion. Passion fostered the pioneering spirit of the early years, and with passion, we discover the same spirit over again to achieve new goals.

Mission - Leadership

Money can't buy leadership, neither can you force leadership. Leadership can only be acknowledged by those who are willing to follow you. It is not enough to have the best product or service to become a leader in the marketplace.
You become leader when the market has reached the perception that you are offering the best package deal and that you can be trusted by all means. With this in mind, WAMGROUP sets itself the goal of market leadership with every product line in every industry.

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