Chapter 12 . June 16, 2018

Welcome to the Family Day

The main event of WAMGROUP's 50th anniversary was the Family Day on June 16. More than 1,300 guests gathered in the park of the Villa Adriano Marchesini opposite the new Technology Centre. Street food, pizza, ice cream, beer and espresso stands provided for the physical well-being.

Fun for all ages

The large park of the villa offered ample space for games and fun.

On camera at the showroom

The entertainer, Andrea Barbi, surprised visitors at the showroom of the Technology Centre followed by his cameraman.

On the train through the factory

A highlight for everybody was the train ride through the Ponte Motta factory. Due to high demand, the two trains ran until sunset. The camera operators followed them in golf carts.

Anniversary speech by the President

In his speech, Marchesini mentioned the landmarks of WAM's past 50 years of history. He also made clear that he wants WAMGROUP to remain a family business. After the screening of a film on the Group’s worldwide manufacturing facilities, the plant managers were called on stage.

The Concert

However, the best was to come at the end. Led by Silvio Banzi from the WAMGROUP Marketing Communications Department, a jam session of colleagues from various WAMGROUP companies gave a nearly two-hour concert in a class of its own. Popular songs from the 1960s to the millennium carried the audience away – a truly unforgettable experience.

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